• Over 4000 accredited colleges and universities
  • No affiliation system nor a central control
  • Teaching, admission policies decided by universities
  • Admission requirements/criteria vary from university to university
  • No interference from government.
  • Policy of Equal Opportunity and non-discrimination
  • Both public and private universities receive funding from Government
  • State of the Art Infrastructure
  • Blend courses with current technology, industry needs and professional training –
  • Practical is as important as theoretical/laboratory
  • Constant improvement of quality of education.
  • Interact with industry and bring latest technology to classroom
  • Research work is extensive


  • Wide range of programs & specializations
  • Flexibility to meet individual’s career goal
  • Teaches latest technology
  • Scholarships/tuition waivers/assistantship
  • Part-time paid work within college campus/Post study work opportunities
  • Prepare for global job markets
  • Cultural immersion
  • High recognition for degrees


  • Education in Canada is career-oriented at all levels.
  • Part-time paid work allowed while studying
  • International students can work after their course- Work Permit up to 3 years - and apply for PR
  • Educational and living costs are relatively low as compared to other English speaking countries


  • High quality education
  • Eligible for paid part time job while studying
  • Paid internship as part of study with multinational companies
  • Free coaching of French language
  • 2 years post study work permit
  • Possibility of Permanent Residence
  • Schengen (European Union) visa


  • Tuition free or low tuition education.
  • World's top technical Universities
  • Eligible for part time paid work while studying.
  • 1.5 year work visa after course completion.
  • Permanent residency after working in Germany for 2 years
  • World’s 4th largest & Europe’s biggest economy
  • Cost of living cheapest in Europe
  • Travel across Europe


  • Low cost of Education.
  • English taught high quality courses.
  • Competitive costs of living and studying
  • Schengen VISA – visit all EU countries with one visa
  • Paid part time work - 20 hours per week.
  • Post study work visa
  • Settlement Options – BLUE CARD


  • World-class higher education institutions– over 500 universities.
  • Paid part time work up to 20 hours in a week
  • Hundreds of institutions offering high quality programs at BS/MS/PhD levels.
  • Low / Moderate tuition fees and living expenses.
    (Tuition – Euro 3000 – 5000 (Rs. 1.8 lakhs to Rs.3.50 lakhs) per year Living expenses Euro 5000 – 6000 (Rs. 3.00 lakhs to Rs.4 lakhs)
  • An exciting culture combining a rich history and innovation.
  • Schengen Visa – can travel to all EU countries with one visa.
  • Familiarise with European languages
  • Long term stay, work and living opportunity.


  • Education is open to international community and Government is investing heavily toward this goal.
  • Opportunities for part-time paid work while studying and post-study employment. Most courses are career relevant with focus on projects, industry practices and research
  • Multicultural atmosphere -students to share knowledge and win friends.
  • Australia is a popular destination for Indian students for higher studies and possible employment/immigration.

New Zealand

  • A stunning country-scene and low population - a peaceful, safe place for living and learning.
  • Reasonable costs.
  • Post-study employment and settlement.
  • Courses prepare students for their individual career goal.
  • Government invests heavily in education to expand educational, research and employment opportunities.

United Kingdom

  • UK in the forefront for highest quality of education
  • UK education is focused on technology and sciences relevant to today’s industry needs.
  • Eligible for paid part time work.
  • Paid study employment for highly skilled and talented international students.
  • Highly developed country with a multi-cultural outlook, high standards of living and availability of products of top quality.

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