Thank you so much sir. All the credit goes to you. Without your blessings my journey in US would have been a nightmare. I am blocking my calendar for you in the month of July so please visit us, like I said we stay close to LA. I will surely as always be in touch with you. Thanks & Regards,

Praveen Prasanth M.B.A -Finance, M.S- Tech Mgmt, M.S(Bentley) University Of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT-06604. USA

I joined UIC for Master's in Management Information Systems. I got full tuition waiver from the department. It is a scholarship offered by the department every year for 2 to 3 students based on their academic credentials. Total fees for the semester are $16821. I was asked to pay just $1325. This scholarship will continue based on my grade in the coming semester. Happy to share this news with you. Best Regards,

Karthikeyan Thillaigovindarajan, Master's in Management Information Systems, University of Illinois at Chicago

How are you? Thanks for your kind help and support. I convey my special thanks to sir as he spent his valuable time with me and made me prepare for visa interview. All the important points that he told me, helped me out during my interview process. I have well settled down here. The campus at University of South Florida is huge and thefaculties at my engineering department are very good and helpful. For now, I am trying for funding. Hope I get it soon. I thank all the member of Sharath for helping me in my first step of Master's. I will be happy to suggest to my juniors to approach Sharath Consultancy. Regards,

Satish Devan, University of South Florida Tampa,, Florida.

Hello Sharath Team, I should say I chose well, when I chose Sharath, because if I am well settled and acclimatized, today in the 'Big Apple', I owe it to you guys! Right from the application process, to choosing the schools, to preparing for the Visa interview, the whole Sharath team was there for me. Very nice people, who were always prompt in helping us out especially in the time of need!After coming here it roughly took a month but after that there was no looking back. I like what I learn and am in love with most of my subjects. Not too long ago I got a job as a TA in my Dept. and am earning side by side which I am in love with the fast-paced city that New York is [and always will be]! I am reminded of an adage, "If you can make it here, you can make it ANYWHERE'. Well. I am happy for making the choice I made. Thank you for everything...

Prathyush Narayanan, MS Biomedical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Brooklyn,
New York,

Hello Sir and Madam,How are you? It’s been a month's time here in Chicago. The life here is pretty much easy and the University is also great. The semester have started and the classes are going good. I am glad to tell you that the University have offered me a Graduate Assistantship in the field of IT. The position includes the tuition waiver and also a monthly stipend of $1600/MTh approximately. This job is for a year.I am very much happy with the way, the things going around. I thank you for helping me to decide on the University that could enlighten my Career. I would be in touch with you in future. By the way, pleaseconvey my regards to everyone who are working in the office. With regards,

Sriram. M, Graduate Student-Computer Science, UIC

Hope you are doing well. How are Vedantham sir, and Anitha Madam doing? I am really glad in informing you all that I got my first full time offer in Epic Systems. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin and they are developing software for the health care industry. I would be joining there in the month June or July after I finish with the final semester. I am coming to India on Dec 26th. I will definitely make a visit to meet you all. See you soon.

Regards, Raghavan Mohan, NYU-Poly

Hello Vedantham Sir, I am sorry for not writing to you so long. The reason being, I was in the process of adjusting myself to my new environment and was feeling very very homesick. My University department has promised me the Research Assistant position first on a bursary basis i.e. it will not have reduction in the fee but they will pay me on hourly basis. Once the position is available they will give me the regular Research Asst. position. I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart to helping me in all the admission process and seeing to it that I get an admission to a good University. As you have often told my mom "I will do my best to help Priyanka get into a flight and leave for US", you have seen to it that I get an admission into a good University and left for US. Equally, I am grateful to Devi mam and Asha mam who encouraged me in every step of the admission process and the visa interview etc. Please convey my grateful thanks and my regards to them. Please convey my love to Anita mam. Thanks you very much,


Greetings to all at Sharath Education! I was just writing to inform you that I've completed my MS in Electrical Engineering from Florida Tech. This has been a great experience for me. I was awarded the Outstanding Student in Electrical Engineering this year and have also been inducted into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and IEEE Beta Kappa Nu (The Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society). I worked on campus as a Research Assistant for 3 semesters and in the final semester received a Teaching assistantship. I really enjoyed my two years at Florida Tech.Thank you for your guidance with the admission process. My regards to Mr. Vedantham. (He probably remembers me as the granddaughter of Mr. S.V. Sundararajan of TVS Sundaram Clayton.) Take Care. Best Wishes,

Ishwarya, Florida Tech

How are you?
Am doing well here. Got settled down. And I have got a Lab Assistant job in Gen Biology lab for this Fall. I could apply for GA positions for the coming spring. I just wanted to leave you a message about my status here.Thanks & Regards,

Kirthiga Doraisami, M.S. Computer Science, NWMS Univ.

Respected Sir / Madam, Our daughter V. NAMAGIRI LAKSHMI is getting graduated in the month of MAY-2013. She has sent the University Invitation to us,inviting for the function.Then we approached Mr.Vedhantham for Official Procedure. We frequently contacted your office and both of our sides Co-ordinated, planned, had interactions in person and prepared for the VISA interview.

Today myself and my wife's VISA is approved by the U S consulate, Chennai.

We both whole heartedly THANK YOU very much for the services provided by you and the entire SHARATH TEAM. Regards,

N.A.Venkata Narasimhan, V.Bhuvaneswari, Trichy

Dear Sir/Madam, My grateful thanks for your effort and support on making my dream come true. Only with your kind guidance I achieved it. I was really amazed on the effort, which you deliver for each and every student comes to you. It’s my pleasure to thank Vedantham sir, Devi mam and Asha mam for your great support all the way. I am enjoying my stay in UK and concentrating on my studies at Kingston University as well. Kingston is one of the best universities in UK and after visiting it I also decided to pursue my doctorate here. I am confident that I would have a good future. You made my dream come true sir/mam. Many Thanks and Regards,

Nirmal Kumar Kannan

Dear Ved Sir,Asha and Devi mam

The experience from your team has been wonderful from the day one of my enrollment in your consultancy. You have been very patient and motivating all through this time. Thank you all so much.

The IELTS coaching by Asha mam was a very good experience. Ii did gain a lot of information from her and she also gave me a lot of points to talk over on my visa interview; all these were really very useful. Thanks so much.

Devi mam had always been very patient.She never bothered if we called so many times for info. She was so calm and she repeatedly gave us the information whenever required and also supported all through the application process. She is a very good advisor on selection of universities. Thanks a lot.

Ved sir, I'm really grateful for having this experience of guidance with you sir. You are an expert for this education sir. You have given a lot of points to remember and follow all through our lives and education. All the experiences that you shared and all the advices you gave was very useful.With all your help and guidance I was able to confidently answer in my visa interview. Thank you so much. It was so very kind of you. Thanks to your entire team for all the support and motivation. Thanks again.

Divya Chandrasekaran, MS Bio-Med, University of Bridgepsort