Higher Education in USA

India & US education

  • US education enjoys high credibility in corporate India
  • US education is the first choice of 90% or more of Indian students wishing to pursue higher education abroad
  • Traditionally Indian families give top financial priority for higher education
  • 75000 students or more opt for US education every year


US Education – fast facts

  • Over 4000 accredited colleges and universities
  • No affiliation system nor a central control
  • Teaching, admission policies decided by universities
  • Admission requirements/criteria vary from university to university
  • No interference from government.
  • Policy of Equal Opportunity and non-discrimination
  • Both public and private universities receive funding from Government
  • Superb Infrastructure
  • Blend courses with current technology, industry needs and professional training - unmatched by others
  • Practical is as important as theoretical/laboratory
  • Constant improvement of quality of education.
  • Interact with industry and bring latest technology to classroom
  • Research work is extensive
  • Many opportunities for financial aid – merit based