VISA Process

The process

More an interview process - The Consul wants to see you as a Student, not a visitor to USA and talk to you and know your status / preparation.

The US consulate officials adjudicate visa applications by an interview process and often rely less on documents though documents are essential. In view of the large number of applicants who come up seeking visas, the Consul have very little time for each applicant. During the few minutes that a Consul spares for an applicant, he/she asks only a few questions and is able to form his/her opinion to grant or deny visa. The interview therefore is very critical and an applicant has to be very well prepared.

We provide comprehensive guidance for Student Visas, Visitor Visas, Spouse Visas, Employment Visas and other visas. Our preparation includes power point presentations, verifying documents, advising on documents and financials, questions and answers and preparation for visa interview. We have also handled many rejected cases and quite a few of them were successful.


Documents (Documents are required but all documents may not be seen or relied upon)

Documents (all originals) usually required are:
  • Visa Appointment letter
  • Visa confirmation letter
  • Proof of Sevis payment
  • Passport
  • I-20
  • Score Reports of all Standardized Tests taken by student
  • Educational credentials
  • Immigration documents