Your education may be the largest investment that you will ever make; studies indicate a direct relationship between the kind of the university or college that a student attends and that student’s earning power and choice of profession in later life.

The advice of an educational consultant, based on years of information gathering about universities and programs as well as an ongoing interaction with admission officers greatly increases the likelihood that your investment in your education and your future will be well made.


SHARATH offers a comprehensive range of professional consultancy services to students who wish to pursue their studies in USA. Each institution has its own strength and admission requirements and the process of applying for admission to US universities is complicated and frustrating, both for the students and their parents.

Sharath relieves the stress of students and parents by providing a one stop professional consultancy service. We provide a unique service that enables students to follow a quick route to a broad range of excellent, accredited universities in USA.

As we are official representatives of a number of US universities that together offer a wide range of programs in science, engineering, technology, computers, information systems, business, health and other fields, students are all the more benefited from greater assurance of admission to several universities offering high quality education and professional preparation at reasonable costs.

Our services are flexible and tailored to meet every individual student’s academic background, educational goals and other requirements. We have been in the service of students for over 20 years and gathered considerable experience, expertise and database on a large number of universities and programs. Our professional service coverscounselling, identifying universities and programs, assured admissions and briefing on visa formalities, visa documents and visa interview.

Service covers identifying universities and programs, assured admissions and briefing on visa formalities, visa documents and visa interview.


Sharath Educational Promoters P Ltd, located in Chennai, India, is a registered LLC company (Registration No.18-41755) promoting US education in India for 22years and counting. We recruit 200+ students every year. We are official representatives of several reputed universities in USA and have helped more than 4000 students pursue higher studies in USA.A large number of our students earned financial aid during their higher studies in US universities and succeeded in gaining excellent job opportunities in corporate giants like Cisco, Intel, Bloomberg, Amazon, Huron, IBM, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Schlumberger, Qualcomm, Apollo Consultants, Goldman Sachs, General Motors and many more. Quite a few of earliest students who moved to USA in the early and mid-1990s have even become US citizens.

A combination of reliability and success